For far too long, I’ve watched new families receive the same tired advice from well-meaning friends and family (and sometimes strangers on the internet!):

Sleep when the baby sleeps…an hour or two at a time!

You’ll be tired the first year, but it’s worth it!

If you just sleep WITH your baby, you’ll get more sleep overall!

After years of working with newly postpartum families, I’ve seen first-hand that this advice is seldom helpful when you are sleep-deprived and trying to keep your household functioning! Sleep deprivation isn’t healthy for anyone. It’s not good for parents, in part because being chronically exhausted leads to increased risk of car accidents, health problems, weight gain, and loss of libido. Studies have found that sleep-deprived mothers have higher rates of postpartum depression at 3 months. Partners/spouses are more involved with infant care than ever before, and are often more sleep-deprived than we realize. And we know that sleep deprivation can’t be good for babies for a myriad of reasons, including future weight problems, potential disruption in brain development, and even the possibility of increased SIDS risk.

So what’s a sleep-deprived parent to do? Late-night Googling of, “will I ever sleep again?!?!” is unlikely to yield any helpful results. “How do I get my baby to sleep?” produces a similarly unhelpful list of cookie-cutter advice: simply lay the baby down when they’re drowsy, but awake (YEAH, RIGHT!). And there are dozens of books enumerating the next magical “method” to get your baby to sleep…but each one contradicts the next! Besides…what exhausted new parent has time to read 10 books on sleep training?

Determined to help exhausted families, we have studied, trained, and practiced, and are thrilled to announce that we are now offering the most supportive sleep training program in Central IL. But this is about more than helping families get vital sleep. This is about:

Spending your evenings with your partner again.

Being able to be 100% present with your children during waking hours.

Feeling genuinely happy to see your baby when they wake up. 

Regaining control over household tasks.

Over the course of 2 or 3 days of living with your family, we teach you more about sleep and reading your baby’s cues than you ever knew existed! This modern sleep training program looks nothing like the cry-til-they’re-purple-and-pass-out method that is often tried by desperate new parents. Our clients have the benefit of us by their side, watching the baby on a video monitor, talking about what their needs might be, always knowing that they have 100% control of when and how to calm and comfort their babies or toddlers.

We know you have probably tried lots of ways to get your baby to sleep, or maybe you are afraid to pour money into a problem that seems like a phase your baby has to grow out of. We are so confident that our customized, live-in sleep training works and is easier than anything you ever imagined, we guarantee baby sleep! If you decide our sleep training just isn’t working for your baby while we are in your home, we will stop the program and refund your payment in full.

New parents need sleep and deserve support. Whether it’s overnight care with our expert postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists or our magical 2-day, foolproof, guaranteed sleep training program, you owe it to yourself and your family to be well-rested and ready to be the parent you always dreamed of being.




About Kate Herzel

Kate Herzel is the co-owner of Heartland Doulas alongside Stacy Ash, and together with their combined 20 years of experience and 7 doulas, they help people have really amazing birth and postpartum experiences. In her spare time, Kate enjoys cooking with her kids, brewing beer with her husband, and entertaining for her friends.