Documenting the growth of your family is a beautiful experience. Heartland Doulas is pleased to have a team of professional photographers to capture the moments that you want to remember forever. Through years of experience in photographing pregnancies, births of many kinds, and families with newborns, our photographers have learned the intricacies of capturing fleeting moments in the most beautiful ways to preserve your memories.

Maternity Photography

Dramatic Beautiful Pregnant Woman

Photo Credit: Danielle Stroemer, Sacred Spaces Imagery & Birth

Pregnancy is an experience unlike any other in your lifetime. You love your growing baby with all your heart, and we love to capture those good moments of pregnancy, when it felt magical and when your belly looked gloriously round with life inside.

Pregnant Woman in Milk Bath

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Our expert photographers work with you to curate the exact aesthetic you want so that the end result are photos that make you look beautiful, radiant, empowered, loving, maternal, and strong. From our quarterly mini-sessions, to one-on-one private sessions, you’re sure to find a package that fits your needs.

Birth Photography


There are many different styles of birth photography.


Photo Credit: Kate Herzel

Woman labors with her doula and family

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Our photographers are experts in learning your style and your desires so that the end result is perfectly captured details that you’ll treasure long after the memory of birth fades. Whether you birth at home, hospital or birth center.

Whether you’re induced, epidural-free, or having a Cesarean birth.

Whether you want images of the support, the actual birth, or the precious hour after.

Our photographers know how to capture every moment tastefully and beautifully.

They are accustomed to working with all types of birth teams and experiences and will integrate seamlessly with your partner, your doula, your nurses, and your care providers, blending into the background, no matter the scenario.

Father holds his freshly born baby in hospital

Photo Credit: Danielle Stroemer

Best of all, our experts share a call schedule so that you can rest easy knowing the photographers you hire will be available and focused solely on capturing all of the most important moments as you welcome your new addition (or additions!).


Photo Credit: Kate Herzel



Fresh 48 & Newborn Photography


 Photo Credit: Amber Carrier, Carrier-Mom Photography

Parents are always in awe of how quickly their babies change after birth. A fresh 48 session is a set of photos taken in the first two days of life and a beautiful way to capture your newborn’s unique features that will begin to fade soon after. This one-hour lifestyle photography session will perfectly preserve the memories of exhaustion and elation that come with new life.

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Photo Credit: Danielle Stroemer

Newborn photography sessions are another great way to preserve the early days of your new baby or babies. Your session will take place in the first two weeks of life and involves a combination of Pinterest-worthy posed pictures and lifestyle photography incorporating your whole family.

Your photographer will spend an hour to a few hours in your home, working around your routines and your baby’s needs, pausing for diaper changes, feeding, and all the other surprises that come with a new baby.

Our photographers will never ask you to change your feeding plans to achieve the sleepy look; we will always take our time and make sure we capture the moments in a fun and relaxed way.

And More!

Our photographers are skilled in family and lifestyle photography. They do amazing work with sex (gender) reveals, cake smash photo shoots, first birthdays, monthly milestones, breastfeeding sessions, bottle feeding sessions, family photos. If it involves you and your baby, we can put something together to meet your needs!