Baby crawling with toys

If the Babies R’ Us baby registry checklist is to be believed, you need ALL THE THINGS to welcome a new baby into your home!

Of course, you are smart and you know that is just a marketing ploy to sell more items. I mean, 6-8 baby bath towels? I know adults who have fewer towels! (P.S. Put the diaper on before you walk around with the baby in the thin baby towel).So what do you NEED? BBD.

  1. B—bottle or boobs. Something to feed the baby with!
  2. B—bed. A crib, a bassinet, a pack n play, whatever. A place for the baby to sleep!
  3. D—diapers. Disposable, cloth, or a mix. Something to catch what you’ve fed the baby!

Ok, so I oversimplified. You probably also need a carseat, some clothes, maybe some blankets. But honestly, the early days of welcoming a new baby into your family can be so simple. You have our permission to enjoy your last days of pregnancy guilt-free rather than stressing about what you don’t have or aren’t ready for. You need BBD and you need time to recover from birth and enjoy your baby. The rest can be improvised or picked up along the way.

Now that you’re not stressed about what you are missing, check out our pinterest board for ideas of fun extras!

Authored by: Kate Herzel

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