Dear Past Clients:
We failed you, my first certifying organization and I.
All I learned in my labor doula trainings was that a postpartum doula does stuff after the baby is born.

And I’m so sorry, because my second doula certifying organization, ProDoula, has impressed upon me the true value of a postpartum doula.

  • When you are feeding your baby but forgetting to feed yourself…your postpartum doula prepares something to sustain you.
  • When you are lost in conflicting advice (Swaddle your baby! Don’t swaddle your baby! Swaddle your baby with arms out! No, arms in!)…your postpartum doula helps you sort it all out.
  • When you are trying to figure out how to care for a baby 24/7 and still care for yourself…your postpartum doula will make sure you can get taken care of. A massage. A pedicure. Sometimes just a shower can make a new mom feel human again.
  • When you thought you had a great nighttime parenting plan, but it’s leaving you exhausted and unsure…your postpartum doula will help you create a new plan.
  • When your older children are adjusting to life with a new baby…your postpartum doula will make sure you are able to connect with them and have special time together.
  • When the dishes and laundry are piling up…your postpartum doula will take care of them.
  • When you just need four uninterrupted hours of sleep…your postpartum doula will expertly care for your baby.
  • When you just need somebody to listen and empathize without giving advice or trying to “fix” everything…your postpartum doula will attune to that need.

Dear past, present, and future clients:
We promise that will never fail you in your tender postpartum period. Heartland Doulas ensures that we always have expertly-trained, compassionate postpartum doulas available to help you and your growing family in all of your transitions.

Authored by: Kate Herzel


About Kate Herzel

Kate Herzel is the co-owner of Heartland Doulas alongside Stacy Ash, and together with their combined 20 years of experience and 7 doulas, they help people have really amazing birth and postpartum experiences. In her spare time, Kate enjoys cooking with her kids, brewing beer with her husband, and entertaining for her friends.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Clients Past, Present, and Future

  1. You were wonderfully supportive during two difficult post-partum journeys. But if I ever were to have another baby, you can bet I’d make a fund for post-partum care as soon as I POS 😉

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